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Multipath Routing


I seem to have some problems with this. I am not sure if it would fall under
firewall but since netfilter is involed I will try anyway.

The current problem I am having is there are 2 internet connections. Either
1 or the other internet connection will work fine.

However I am trying to use both at the same time. I was doing it in the
following way.

Conn1: is normally on ppp0
Conn2: is on eth1
Local: is on eth0

Both ppp0 and eth1 are connected using different isp's
And I was hoping todo a load balance with them as well as have some

However NAT is performed on both of this interfaces because eth0 is build of
private addresses. I can get the multipath route's to work and NAT does
occur but then packets with the wrong source address go out the wrong
interface. Eg Packets with source address of ppp0 goes out eth1 etc..

Currently I am separating this using a command like
ip rule add from <ppp0 ip address> lookup Conn1
ip rule add from <eth1 ip address> lookup Conn2

But this doesn't seem to make any difference to the packets after NAT is
performed on them.

Any assistance would be great


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