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Re: Error-Guard Support Request

Dear Sir/Madam,

your custommers endlessly spam Debian GNU/Linux mailing list
used for discussion about firewalls. Can you please subscribe
to our list and explicitly notify your custommers on your
download pages not to contact us at email address


Thank you for understanding.

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 05:21:24PM +0000, idiom wrote:
> OMG will it ever end!!!!
> leland winters wrote:
> >Support:
> > 
> >I recently purchased Error Guard on my credit card through PayPal.  I 
> >was to receive an e-mail with the order number and key to be able to 
> >use the program - I have, to this date, not received such an e-mail 
> >therefore cannot use the item purchased.  I have corresponded 
> >previously about this problem but as of this date have received no 
> >answer.  Now, please send the e-mail as promised or refund my money - 
> >thank you.
> > 
> >LLW
> > 
> > 
> >leland winters
> >leewintl@earthlink.net <mailto:leewintl@earthlink.net>
> >EarthLink Revolves Around You.
> > 
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matej kovac

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