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Re: iptables and NFS

i think you must try filtering the ports 
on iptabables there is a rule capable to do that
, i think that is what you are trying to do no? 
firewall all the ports from the server to the clients or from internet to 
the clients on your network,?

Luis A. Rondon Paz
Administrator of Natural Sciences of 
University of Santiago de cuba
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On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Ghe Rivero wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> 	we are going to use netfilter for our main firewall at University and a
> couples of dudes come to my mind now:
> 	1.- Since we have severals machines (around 50)  and all king of
> services, which is the best way to have everything more or less order?
> 	2.- NFS use dinamic ports on conenctions with the clients. Howis it
> supposed to be firewaled (The same can be for some Windows isssues)
> 	Thx in advanced to everyone!
> 	Ghe Rivero

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