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Re: Routing problem with two ethernet cards?

> With your line:
> UG    0      0        0 eth1
> you would just reach IP's in range -; you
> wouldn't even reach your gateway. The correct line for that subnet is:
> UG    0      0        0 eth1
> you can reach IP's in range - with this line

Hmm... I just tried this, but no luck.

I'm beginning to think that either (1) what I'm trying to do simply
isn't possible, or (2) the problem is somewhere else, like a hardware

Let me ask this: If I configure eth0 and eth1 as stated, is it
possible to ping both IP addresses from the outside world (e.g. Or does the ping to (eth1) get routed
back out of (eth0), and the computer sending the ping
doesn't recognize it?

All I'm trying to accomplish here is for the machine to respond to
requests from the outside world over either IP address, but so far
it's not working. Is this really tricky to do? Or should it be dead
simple, and I need to look for a problem somewhere else?

Thanks again,

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