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Re: Urgently the suckers required to fall for fraud SPAM

Today we are looking for financial assistants that will be responsible
to accept payments from clients through bank transfer, because of
imperfection of bank system. simply  New Zelands partners of our clients have
some difficulties with sending bank translations and cheques to East
Europe. the  You can make 10 % commission from every transfer you will
receive through relative to our business. huge  The rest needs to be
transferred to our company's representative by Western Union; all
Western Union fees are paid by us. form  On average you will be making 2,000
NZD per week. now

This looks like a clearing operation for a phishing scam.

None of the banks I know of in .nz allow you to make overseas transfers
via online banking.  This makes it harder for overseas phishers to get
their cash.

So the idea is that the scammers clean out accounts by transferring
money to a local sucker.  You're supposed to keep 10% and WU the rest to
them.  Guess what happens when the fraud complaints roll in?



"I wouldn't touch it with yours."

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