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Re: iptables --tcp-option ! 2

"Doug" <SupportList@dougtheslug.ca> writes:

> I keep seeing this in firewall scripts on the net, but I am unable to
> find an explanation or listing/table of tcp-options.  The command in
> question is the following
> iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --tcp-option ! 2 -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset
> Why are [we] only allowing tcp-options of 2?  

I have no earthly idea, since this is going to make your life *way*
miserable, especially on asymmetric like the common ADSL services.

> what are tcp packets with option 2?  

Option 2 is the "Maximum Segment Size" option, which tells the computer
what size, at most, the data part of the packet should be.

> what are the other options, and why do we not want them?


I see no options in that list that you do not want.  A number of them,
like SACK and window scaling, will make your life very miserable if you
do reject them in this way, since they are standard features of the
initial connection attempt.

Rejecting the packets like that will, for example, completely prevent my
system here talking to a server on your system, since it will send a
SACK and window scaling option by default...

> I'm sure it's safe, and likely a good idea to have in, given the
> number of tutorials that have it in, 

Ho-ho-ho.  Nope.  Very broken.  If you want to know why, have a quick
check on the history of ECN deployment and the problems that a similar
assumption about reserved fields in the IP header had.

> but I just dislike the idea of having something in my to be firewall
> script that I have little understanding of.

That is /such/ a nice attitude to run into.  Most people blindly copy
this sort of problematic garbage without any though about /why/ they
might want to do it.

Anyway, the executive summary:  people who recommend a line like that
are giving you bad, stupid advice that *will* break your ability to
communicate with some proportion of the Internet.

Don't do it.

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