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fwbuilder broken on sarge


Does anyone know what the problem with fwbuilder is?
I just upgraded my box from woody to sarge and after
the - rather trivial - procedure of upgrading my .xml
files the thing just bails out during rule compile time:

1/ fwb_ipt -f test.fwb -d . target
responds with 'Error: cannot execute program', brilliant!
And after fixing the above little quirk by symlinking
fwb_ipt -> fwb_iptables the resonse is:

2/ 'Cannot find group Firewalls' which *is* in de xml code,
I checked! Brilliant again ;-)

Any ideas?

BTW. This is consistent. It's not only with the upgraded
stuff, it's with newly created objects too.


Henk Roose <Henk.Roose@cwi.nl>
CWI - Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science
Amsterdam (NL)

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