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Re: IP Routing

2005. július 31. 21:43,
Nelson Castillo <nelsoneci@gmail.com>
-> Shafiuddin russel <russel_lf@yahoo.com>,debian-firewall@lists.debian.org:
> Hi.
> PS:
> Once you get it to work, read a little about iptables and try to
> protect yourself.
> Check this out later:
> http://cgi.afc.no-ip.info/svnwiki.cgi/default/firewalls This tip is
> different, because 2 NICs are used.


I've read that page, and it says that if I have dynamic ip I should use 
MASQUERADE rather than NAT. What is the difference between the two? What if I 
have a static ip, and I'm using MASQUERADE instead of NAT?




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