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"Private Travels" needs a serious person.

Some kind of a comedian, are we?

Our company "Private Travels" needs a serious and responsible person. 
You can work full time or part time - devote few hours a week or work
permanently full time.
You can make between $500 to $2000 weekly and be your own boss. 
This is not a multi level marketing and not a scam. 
We are serious and large company conducting successfull business since 1997.  
Our business is organisation personal and group tours in relatively new and exotic
countries. We also  provide "Rural tourism" in remote Eastern Europe and South Asia 
If you are interested and would like to start making good money and join our
 team then we offer you a job.  
Currently we have opennings for the following vacancy:  
"Tour Sales Assistant".
Requirements for this position: 
Age between 21-60, 
Permanent or high speed internet access, 
Active email account, 
Ability to devote 3-4 hrs daily 
No charge for introduction!
There is no fee before you start or after. 
You don't have to pay any money to start work for us! 
We are an equal opportunity employer and all resumes will be considered.  
We are waiting to hear from you. 
Become financially independat today!
Send us your resume - this is youre chance!


fax: +49-534-199-0001 

King regards,
Private Travels Team

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