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Simple IP-Forwarding problem

Hi guys,

i read tons of dokumentation, but i still have not found a fitting solution for my problem - perhaps anyone of you can help me.

There are 3 servers (A,B,C), each running a ssh-daemon. None of them
has a connection to the internet for security reasons - neither
incoming nor outgoing.

Only one server in the internet (X) is allowed to open a direct connection to the three servers.

Local   # Internet # Local
A---\   #          #
C---/   #          #
        #          #

I'm aiming to setup IP-Forwarding on server X that I can connect
from my local PC to the server A,B or C.
For example:
Everytime I'm opening a ssh-connection to server X on
port 60001 - server X forwards this request to server A port 22, and
translates all addresses, so server A thinks the ssh-sessions
origins from server X. Server X retranslates all the responses from
server A and sends them back to my PC.

When I'm opening a ssh-connection on server X:60002 the same thing will
happen for server B and so on.

Is there any way to do that with iptables?
The only thing I have found is portforwarding on the local machine,
but I can not figure out how to forward connections to another machine.

Thanks a lot,

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