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Re: Re: help needed urgently with hostlookup failure ..please

I don't know if this will reach you Mr. Mark Thurman or not but I desperately need help and the local police are not going to take me seriously.  If you have a fax number and not afraid to give it out - I will fax you hospital records from just two days ago and on the 22nd.  I was there just again yesterday but don't have those records yet or I would send those too.  I was poisoned in 1999 and it was investigated but never went anywhere and there have been incidents since then but this last one almost took me and I think it was thallium.  Although, the people around me will say "you poor think" they sure don't want me going to authorities and if I try they make out like I have a screw loose.  I have been followed and I am just plain scared and don't know where to turn.  I am 63 years old and own potentially very valuable ground depending on what the legislature does in Kansas.  The problems I have had have followed me across state lines and I came to Pennsylvania thinking I would be safe - not so.  Would you help or can you help?  Would you like me to fax you what I have right now.  My name is Alberta L. Wooton and I thank you for you time.  I just need someone to take me seriously and help me - I feel so alone and so very vulnerable.  I hope you get this and will at least respond.

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