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Re: Iptables, Squid.

I solve the problem!

I enabled all the traffic for the firewall itself.
It is not to good idea i know because now the firewall is not firewall for himself just for the LAN. But it is working.
Or there would be another simple solution if i could disable the DNS caching in the squid. Do somebody know how to disable the SQUID's internal DNS?



> feladó: <z.varady@chello.hu>
> dátum: 2005/07/06 Wed PM 01:58:01 CEST
> címzett: <debian-firewall@lists.debian.org>
> tárgy: Iptables, Squid.
> Hi all!
> What should I do how the squid and the iptables work together. &#@ˇ^˘ˇ˛ˇ`~ˇ˙˙´>;*
> If i turn of the Squid the net working properly with the iptables chains. If i turn on the squid it is down then and there is an error message how cant resolve the IP. I think there is a built in DNS program in the squid or something what can communicate with the world because of the Iptables what has got a DROP default value.
> What ports should i enable in the iptables for the squid? I already enabled the 53 tcp and dns to the DNS Query and it is working properly under win. I already enabled the 3128 port too. But it isnt working. 
> Could somebody help?
> Zozo.
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