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Re: iptables: DROP ESTABLISHED sessions?

jairagoo@gmail.com wrote:
> Hello,
> i have Debian Woody, kernel v: 2.6.6 and iptables v1.2.9
> Is there a way to drop ESTABLISHED sessions?
> for example my ip_conntrack file looks like this:
> # cat /proc/net/ip_conntrack |grep 1.34
> tcp      6 54 ESTABLISHED src= dst=<PUBLIC IP> sport=1233
> dport=135 src= dst= sport=135 dport=1233 [ASSURED]
> Since the traffic is ESTABLISHED I cannot simply create another rule to
> block the host besides restarting the firewall, is there a better
> solution?

Place a drop rule for that address *before* your established rule.  I
guess this is one situation Daniel might have been thinking of in our
recently discussion about RELATED/ESTABLISHED.  Check the list archives
for details.

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