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Re: 2.4 firewalling

--- PANAGIOTIS SIAPLAOYRAS <papa@mland.gr> wrote:
> Hi all!,
> I want to set up a Firewall on my Debian Woody
> Kernel 2.4. Could anybody
> help me? Most tutorials give infos for <2.4 kenrels.
> Any links to faqs, 
> how-tos would be useful!
> Thanks in advance!
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AFAIK, on linux most firewalls are higher end
interfaces to ipchains/iptables/netfilter (the kernel
level packet filtering support, the latter of which
work with 2.4 and greater kernels). Debian includes
Guarddog and Firestarter (GUI programs to configure
and monitor the firewall) as well as Shorewall (a set
of configuration files and scripts to do the same) and
probably many others. Guarddog anf Firestarter are
much easier to use, Shorewall is much more powerful.
Shorewall does have excellent documentation, though,
as well as sample configuration filesets for common
network configurations (see its website and the
shorewall-doc package). You should also Google for
more information.

Yitzhak Grossman

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