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Specifying the interface name on pppoe connection


Im using a woody box to do connectivity, routing and a PPTP based VPN
which all works well, except when it comes to running my firewall rules.

My primary internet link is an pppoe connection. My problem arises here.
Pppoe set's the connection interface to ppp0. Then when PPTP users
connect, the firewall rules kick in and replaces the ppp0 interface
(since i have set the VPN rules to ppp+)

I suspect my only way around this is to change the interface name of the
pppoe link from ppp0 to something else like extif, then i can build
rules specific to that interface knowing that will always be the
external connection.

Anyone know how if there is a switch in pppoe to set a specific
interface name? Is there another solution (and no, i cant run IPSEC, as
much as i'd like to :P).



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