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Re: Error-Guard Support Request


You are replying to a mailing list of the Debian Open Source Linux Operating 
System. This means you send this e-mail to millions of people ... 

Before reacting like this, maybe think about the mail address you are replying 


On Saturday 30 April 2005 21:04, Gregg Scott wrote:
> I want you to stay clear of my computer as I consider you are a harassment.
> Will report you to the FCC if you continue popping up on my computer. You
> don't have anything I want. Ed Scott, Sr.
> 108 Alice St.
> Pensacola, Fl.  32505
> 4/30/2005
> 2:00 PM


                             Frederik Rousseau
   L I N U X       .~.       CM Electronics bvba
  The  Choice      /V\       0032 3 457 85 67
   of a GNU       /( )\      Duffelse steenweg 146
  Generation      ^^-^^      2550 Kontich - BELGIUM

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