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Re: MPPE-encryption Bintec VPN25<=>sarge

Phil Dyer wrote:
Have you tried connecting to the sarge box with another client? Windows
XP, or poptop client?

Not yet, as the sarge box is just a client, the appliance should be the server. In the end this isn't the box to run for real, just a test setup. In the final scenario the debian (client) side is even behind a GRE-tunneling broadband router resolvable via dyndns, connecting a LAN. Also a few roadwarriors are supposed to connect to the BinTec VPN 25 via dialup IPs.

Are you using a custom kernel or debian with
kernel-patch-mppe applied? Standard debian ppp? kernel 2.4/2.6?

Standard 2.4 with standard MPPE-patch applied, following the doc from pptpclient to the letter.



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