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Re: Consulta

On 2005-04-22 Ariel wrote:
> Hola lista, me podrian recomendar un firewall open source para
> debian.y si tiene documentacion.

I second Marcos, netfilter is the way to go. iptables is the command
line frontend for configuring netfilter rules. Find documentation e.g.
on netfilter.org [1] or frozentux.net [2].

[1] http://www.netfilter.org/
[2] http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net/

Ansgar Wiechers

P.S.: This is an english list, so please write in english. Not all list
      members understand spanish.
"All vulnerabilities deserve a public fear period prior to patches
becoming available."
--Jason Coombs on Bugtraq

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