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Re[2]: Stuck in a hell of routing :(

HI Elton,

I'm working for a mobile network carrier and we support GSM networks
in different countrys. The modems I use are some how GPRS modems which
have different simcards in, so with the simcard I decide about the
rights a user have in the network. a UK customer will not be able to
pay a mobile application in DE as he is not a DE customer these are
the rights I'm talking about. I'm an application tester and this may
ease some of our pain in changing simcards and the need of using real


EA> On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 04:59:47PM +0200, Werner Oswald wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm stuck in a routing issue maybe someone has an idea.
>> I try to have a URL based routing which then gets routed to 6
>> different Modems accessing the internet.

EA> Why would you want to do this? What's the difference between those 6
EA> modems? 
>> I have to use the different modems for as any modem delivers
>> different rights in the net therefore all this :)

EA> I still don't get it. How can modems connected to the internet supply
EA> different rights to users?

EA> In other words, please tell us the functional problem...

EA> Regards, Elton

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