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Re: routing + 2 NICs on teh same network

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Chavdar Videff said:

> The reason why we do this is because the Cisco router is maintained by our ISP 
> and it is configured for the entire LAN. I cannot touch there. And I cannot 
> change the LAN address space because there are servers accessed from outside.
> This is the reason why both interfaces of the Debian gateway have addresses in 
> the same subnetwork. I use SNAT/DNAT in iptables to masquerade the hosts 
> behind the Debian box, so that replies from the Cisco Router pass through the 
> Debian box instead of going directly to that host.
> It works if I use 1 NIC with 2 aliases: eth0 = and eth0:1 = 
> My problem is when the above addresses are assigned to 2 NICs 
> on the same host, i.e. eth0 = and eth1 =

Your problem is not with routing, but with arp. Look at proxy_arp. There
was a discussion on this list just last week concerning this.

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