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Re. LTSP, iptables, & Firestarter.

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Thanks Tomas.

~    '/etc/gconf/schemas/firestarter.schemas' exists

~    and I've tried your suggestion of apt-removing and re- installing

.. with no change.

~     I'll just have to find the time and space to get my head
completely around iptables.


Adam Bogacki,

.. a fan of Havamal.

|Message: 4
|Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 14:03:44 +0200
|From: Tomas Junnonen <tomas@fs-security.com>
|Subject: Re: [Firestarter-user] LTSP, iptables, & Firestarter.
|To: firestarter-user@lists.sourceforge.net
|Reply-To: firestarter-user@lists.sourceforge.net
|Adam Bogacki wrote:
|>> ~    The thing was to declare eth1 as a trusted interface to the
|>> firewall. Inspired by
|>> Jim McDougalls's ltsp FAQ [section in |>> http://www.ltsp.org/documentation/ltsp-4.1/ltsp-4.1-2-en.html ]
|>> I dived into iptables and adapted Oskar Andreasson's
flush-iptables script
|>> [

|>> ]
|>> which I attach below. It works. LTSP rocks (I credit Jim) and I
have an
|>> impressed 80 yr. old compulsive emailer on my hands.
|You can not use this at the same time as Firestarter. To mark an
|interface as trusted in Firestarter, go the policy page and add a "Allow
|connections" rule for the network eth1 uses, for example
|>> Firestarter seemed to work for a while but now
|>> when I start it from Applications->Internet->Firestarter I get the
|>> "A proper configuration for Firestarter was not found. If you are
|>> running Firestarter from the directory you built it in, run 'make
|>> install-data-local' to install a configuration, or simply 'make
|>> install' to install the whole program.
|>> Firestarter will now close."
|>> I apt-installed Firestarter, and regularly updated it, so the above
|>> does not apply.
|>> Searching for its configuration files I can only find
|>> /var/lib/dpkg/info/firestarter.conffiles
|>> which gives me
|>> /etc/firestarter/non-routables
|>> /etc/init.d/firestarter
|>> .. and
|>> Tux:~# /etc/init.d/firestarter start
|>> Starting the Firestarter firewall: failed.
|The configuration file referenced above that must exist on your system
|is /etc/gconf/schemas/firestarter.schemas
|You can try "apt-get remove firestarter", followed "apt-get install
|firestarter" to recreate the default configuration.

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