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Re: Cannot reach external IP from LAN?

Lars von Wedel wrote:


After configuring my firewall with the help of several READMEs everything
works fine.

However, I cannot contact the firewall with the external IP number from any
machine within the LAN, e.g. with via its dynamic DNS entry. Packets just
seem to hang.

What kind of routing rule will I have to add to do this?



do you have any anti-spoofing-rules? Are you doing NAT?
Meaning: are you blocking any traffic on your firewall, with Source-address of your LAN?

This is a common mistake, because normaly you deny local packets on the Firewall, which of course should not occour, because local traffic should enter your firewall at another interface, than outside traffic.

I don´t know if I get you right?
Hope this might help,


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