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Re: tcp wrapper

On 25 Oct 2004, michal wrote:
> What's the difference between firewall and TCP wrapper? 

A firewall deals with packet and flow management below the protocol

TCP wrapper is a per-application mechanism for determining access on an
IP (or DNS name) basis.

Both do the same task, but a firewall (iptables, say) is a /much/ more
general purpose tool.

> If I have installed iptables should I also install tcp wrraper? 

No, not really.  There just isn't much point in having two tools do the
same job.  The basic firewall rules should allow/deny access to services
just as effectively.

You can't use iptables to do the DNS reverse lookup stuff that
TCPwrappers can do at connection time, but then, you don't do that if
you want security anyway. :)

> What advantages will I have after installing tcp wrapper?

None, really.

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