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Re: why multicasting is working?

--- Oleg Butorin <lists@mega-casino.ru> wrote:

> Mike Mestnik wrote:
> >I'm not an expert on MC, but I'd think would be routed to
> your
> >default route.  Then the pkt would get multicasted and you would receve
> >multiple responces.
> >  
> >
> Yes, but I received responces from the systems where multicasting 
> disabled in the kernel.
There is no difference on the end points, only the routing.  In MC the
routers must(MAY) take one packet and pass on multiple packets.  If a
normal router gets a MC packet it's likely just going to pass it to the
default route.

> >IIRC kernel level MC support is only for if you want to be on Mbone,
> not
> >if you want to use it as a client/server.
> >
> But the option called "IP: multicasting" and help:
> This is code for addressing several networked computers at once,
> enlarging your kernel by about 2 KB...
It also says if you wish to participate in Mbone.  The code dose allow for
your computer to send more then one MC packet, but a normal kernel will
still send pakets to ANY IP -

> And Mbone is the standard network, that supports multicasting (routers, 
> computers...).
> As I understand, there is no special support for Mbone, this is support 
> for Multicasting.
That's correct, but without MC enabeled routers your one packet will end
up going to a router with no default route and then you will get a
netunreach ICMP.

> Best regards,
> Oleg.

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