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Re: Optimizing Kernel for huge iptables ruleset


Andrew Porter wrote:
> Thinking about this some more - and discussing it on IRC - you could
> create a binary-tree style group of chains - jumping down the chains
> based on the relevant IP subnets -
> chain1 - - jumps to chainA
> chain2 - - jumps to chainB
> chainA - - DENY
> chainB - DENY
> You could optimise your list to the point that the most number of
> comparisons needed then would be 260ish with 3 layers of chains.  You
> could easily generate this programmatically.

Thank You ever so much, that is indeed a very efficient approach. Since in the end I only want to DROP stuff passing through INPUT from the blacklisted IPs and none in FORWARD I just traversed the INPUT chain at the very end '$IPTABLES -A INPUT -p tcp -d $IP_INET -i $DEV_INET -m state --state NEW -j BLACKLIST'

That is still quite dirty when it comes to the blacklist (which does consist of subnets actually) but for that small a network/line it should be sufficient.

Thank You again for Your quick and productive reply!



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