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Re: why multicasting is working?

I'm not an expert on MC, but I'd think would be routed to your
default route.  Then the pkt would get multicasted and you would receve
multiple responces.

IIRC kernel level MC support is only for if you want to be on Mbone, not
if you want to use it as a client/server.

--- Oleg Butorin <lists@mega-casino.ru> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have two linux debian systems, one with kernel 2.2.18, another with
> 2.4.20.
> Both kernels have option "IP: multicasting" DISABLED. However
> multicasting is working and both systems answered if I ping,
> and multicast programs are working! The question is: why this option
> "IP: multicasting" is present in the kernel, if multicasting is always
> working???
> Thank you.
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