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Re: Masquerading op Woody


you have to recompile your kernel to support masquerading/forwaring.

On kernel 2.4 do

% cd to /usr/src/linux
% make menuconfig

-> Networking options
   -> Network packet filtering [Y]
   -> IP: Netfilter Configuration
      -> IP Tables support [Y]
      -> all required modules

Save your configuration and build the kernel. After checking and installiing the new kernel you have to set the forwarding-bit

% echo "1" > /proc/sys/ipv4/ip_forward


Marc Enschede wrote:
Dear all,
I'm trying to activate port forwarding / masquerading on my Woody machine. After running apt-get install ipmasq, it still tells me that "IP Masquerade has not been enabled in the kernel". Is there another package that has to be installed? Or is there another solution?

Kind regards,
Marc Enschede

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