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Re: What's going on here?

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 05:41 am, Agustin wrote:
> What's with all these stange posts, some talking about viruses, others
> written in Arabic? Is this some kind of spam attack? Virus attack? The
> First Wave?
> It was difficult enough to sign up to be able to post here, for some
> time-wasters to mess us around. Do correct me if I am wrong.
> ¿Que pasa con estos posts raros, hablando de virus, escritos en árabe?
> ¿Es algún tipo de ataque con spam? ¿Virus?
> ¡Mi trabajo me costó conseguir poder postear aqui, pa que venga ahora
> algun spammer a jo....nos a todos!
> Corregidme se me equivoco..
> Saludos/Regards
> Agustin
I dont know there has not been much trafic on the firewall list...
w32/worms...............I DOUBT IT...
Any mail claming that I have a w32/worm is bs... Debian sarge killed my 
windows oskernal.. just like suse.

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