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Re: FireHOL Question

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 15:50, vizi0n (debian-firewall) wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I've been trying to make myself a router/firewall for the past few days 
> (never done that before) but so far I managed to throw away my DI-604, which 
> is not a bad thing at all :) I am using Debian Sarge and the FireHOL package 
> which is basically an iptables generator from my understanding.
> Now my problem is, I am using this Sarge box as my gateway (1 nic for LAN, 1 
> plugged into a PPPoE DSL modem). It all works fine and my routes are set for 
> nat, but I would like to add my other IP's my isp gives me. (3 in fact) and 
> associate them with specific LAN machines.
> My isp gives me an extra /30 that I can use. So I would like to forward each 
> of these new IPs to specific LAN IPs, and reverse as well (my friend says 
> this is called one-to-one nat or something)
> I've tried creating virtual interfaces for my extra IPs but no luck (eth0:0, 
> eth0:1, eth0:2)
> Does anyone know how I could do that, as I'm not an iptables expert at all.
> Thanks!
> viz 

to have your outside nic listen on multiple IP's create the aliases and
refer to them in firehol.conf as follows:

interface eth0 alias_eth0_1 dst a.b.c.d/nn

where a.b.c.d is your second (or third...) IP

the name (alias_eth0_1) is arbitrary but the idea is that you use the
real network interface (eth0) instead of the alias (eth0:1)

as to the mapping to inside LAN IP's: don't know for sure but probably
something like this at the top of your config:

nat to-destination w.x.y.z proto tcp dport 80 dst a.b.c.d/nn

where w.x.y.z is your LAN IP
en a.b.c.d is your extra outside IP. this line will map port 80 to an IP
on your LAN.


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