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Re: All these open ports

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 13:05:00 +0800, "Katipo" <katipo@weavers-web.org>

> >In any case, I've as yet been unable to find any way of getting
> >detection and authorization of outgoing requests with any
> >of the Linux firewalls, or with IPtables - although I can hardly say
> >that
> >I've thoroughly done my homework
> >
> Even firestarter provides some degree of configurability in this respect.

It will block ports on an individual basis, if you can identify
them as needing to be blocked - but AFAIK the iptables script it sets
defaults to forwarding all requests from internal processes.  (If I'm
wrong about that, or if there is some way to get it even to flag
access attempts by newly spawned processes, I'd like to know about

> Asking in the right place helps.
> A number of people here would have the answers you're looking for, but 
> Debian has a firewall list.

Yes - I asked about that earlier.  I posted to the firewall list
in fact, and got no response at all.  Additionally, there is a lot of
traffic on here other than my own, WRT firewall and iptables subjects.
I'll cross-post this to the firewall list, but I'm really getting the
impression it doesn't get used much...  maybe I'm wrong, but I'm signed
up on it and don't see as much traffic on there as I do about firewall
on the "users" list.

> Itt might be an idea to check out apps like tinyhoneypot amongst others, 
> also.

Thanks... I'll do that - it sounds like there's at least one area I
explored yet...

> >(Okay, now, everybody yell in unison:  "WELL GO RUN WINDOWS THEN!!!")
> >  
> >
> Failing that, go run windows.

Why, thank you.  I needed that.  (But not to worry, I'm on my way out of
Billyworld permanently, one way or the other, difficulties

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