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Re: port _redirection_ within single machine

On 15 Aug 2004, Martin Slouf wrote:
> im newbie in firewall building and iptables; ive started to read the
> documentation recently, but no answer found yet for a problem on a port
> redirecting. help me pls.
> My computer is running tomcat on 8080, no web server there. tomcat is
> running as a separate user (tomcat).
> I would like to have all requests to port 80 (nothing there) being
> redirected to 8080 (tomcat waiting) _within_ the same machine.


> im browsing kernel documentation now -- maybe
> option CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_LOCAL is the answer (all my testing _must_ be
> done locally -- computer is not connected to network now)?

Without that, DNAT for local connections is not done.

You may find that a user-space tool like 'redir' is easier to use than
kernel level redirection, though.

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