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Re: Iptables firewall

Just for simplicity, if I have Bastille and I want to try 'filehol' is it
better to stop Bastille or I can run both of them at the same time?

> On 19 Jul 2004, Sykotic wrote:
>> Does anyone know where I could find like a tutorial or reference for
>> using IPTables to build a firewall for just 1 pc? All the documents I've
>> found mainly covered the use of IPTables for routing on a gateway
>> machine...and really just glossed over the firewalling aspect.
> Well, most people build their security as "crunchy on the outside,
> squishy in the middle" -- they only put a firewall on the outside.
> That said, there really isn't a great deal of difference between
> firewalling a single machine and firewalling a network on a router.
> Packets destined to the local machine come through the 'INPUT' chain,
> rather than the 'FORWARD' chain, but are otherwise identical.
> Personally, I use the 'filehol' script, available as part of testing and
> unstable, or at <http://firehol.sf.net/>, which is a nice wrapper over
> iptables.
> It also has a "wizard" that will generate a template rule file that
> allows access to the services that are already running. That can be a
> nice head-start on getting things working.
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