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Message ID: 0528230414176 BLOCKED

			SYSTEM GENERATED MESSAGE (on behalf of intended recipient) 


	Your email address can be spoofed by Spammers or by people sending viruses.  They make it appear that you sent a message when you did not.  If they use your address, you may receive a message like this one, telling you that the message you sent was blocked or could not be delivered.   If you did not send this message, it does not reflect badly on you. Just highlight and delete.

	Our email scanner has detected a file type or content within your email "[Re: letter]" to "corey.ross@crackerbarrel.com" sent Fri, 28 May 2004 23:04:33 -0500 which we do not normally permit through our systems. An electronic copy of the original message will be kept for three days, until Mon May 31 23:04:36 CDT 2004,after which it will be automatically purged from the system; no backup copies will be retained.

	If your message is business related and must be delivered, you have three options: 
		(1) Ask the recipient to contact our Email Administrator.
		(2) Call (615)444-5533 and ask for our Email Administrator. 
		(3) Forward THIS message to postmaster@crackerbarrel.com.

	If contacted, our Email Administrator is required to VISUALLY INSPECT and APPROVE your message prior to release. 

Here at Cracker Barrel, we are very conscientious about protecting our network and messaging resources. Therefore, we have deployed various e-mail and Internet filtering tools to help us ensure the protection and appropriate usage of these resources. Unfortunately, sometimes these filters act upon legitimate messages and reject them. We apologize if your message has been rejected in error, and request that you kindly follow the instructions below to facilitate a remedy for your communication. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! 

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