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Re: can an 'unstable' system be made secure?

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 07:55:13PM +1000, James Sinnamon wrote:
> So, can I expect to be able to make my 'unstable' system secure 
> if I am prepared to be vigilant and put in the extra effort, or is it a 
> lost cause?

Well, it can be done, if you track the inofficial and offical exploit lists,
annd be prepared to invest forward-porting time yourself.

However, you should perhaps start  with describing, what the reason is, for
using unstable. Usually it is enough to put unstable in deb-src apt.sources
and then use 'apt-get source "<package>" ; cd package* ; debian/rules
binary' to have that new version working on stable or tesing. 

Another option would be to go with a security enhanced debian derivate or
one of the smaller appliance distributions. It realy depends on what are you

Personally I think even tracking unstable on a firewall is a pain in the
ass, if this is used in production environemnt.

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