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Problem with Shorewall + Squid

Hi, I have a problem with shorewall
I will migrate a conectiva server to a knoppix, running squid and shorewall (in proxy transparent mode).
In the actual shorewall, existe de folowing lines:
REDIRECT loc!priv 3128 tcp www,ftp,ftp-data -    -

REDIRECT loc!priv 3128 udp www,ftp,ftp-data -    -

REDIRECT jag!priv 3128 tcp www,ftp,ftp-data -    -

REDIRECT jag!priv 3128 udp www,ftp,ftp-data -    -

Where: "loc" and "jag" are subnets describes in the zones file.

            "priv" are a list of "VIP users", describes in the hosts file, them not filtred to proxy, and redirect to firewall. The line for this function is:

DNAT    loc    loc:    all    -    -    !,!

Where: is a Firewall IP and is a this server.

But in the knoppix this script not work, it accept all conections and filter in the squid, but not redirect the conections originaly for the "priv" hosts to the firewall.

Sorry, my english is terrible, but I post the question in the portuguese forum and nothing answer are sendme

Jackson R. Braga
Placas do Paraná S/A
Tel.: (41) 217-7221


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