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Re: iptables problem getting url's hosted inside

external internet - firewall - internal web server

internet traffic on port 80 is passed to the internal web server
external internet based browsers can hit the server
inernal based browsers cannot

What iptables runs are needed to let the internal browsers hit the internal server with the external IP

now external users can hit the server with www.domain.com
internal users get connection refused

internal and external users get the same IP from "host www.domain.com"


charlie wrote:
some more details?
-network stucture
-iptables rules

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 14:02, hanasaki wrote:

I have a box hosted inside the firewall. The firewall is passing external traffic to it fine. When an internal box tries to hit the external ip, that should loop back inside, connections fail. External sites can be loaded fine.

What can cause this and how can it be resolved?


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