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Re: please help by iptables FORWARD...

Yes, I do.  With FTP there is allways be a second ftp-data connection.  By
default this should be on client(s) port 20 I.E. "-d
--dport 20", however it can be an arbitrary local port.  With pasive FTP
this becomes an arbitrary remote port, not port 20.  Insmod
ip_conntrack_ftp and then you should be able to use --state RELATED to
allow FTP to work.

--- trader <trade@shstahr.de> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> thanks for your answer, i forward the port 53 for udp and it works fine,
> now
> i can set up all my needed ports like 21, 25, 110...
> another question,
> at the beginning, my FORWARD policie was ACCEPT and i closed the ports
> with
> the following commands:
> iptables -A FORWARD -s -p tcp --dport 1:19 -j DROP
> the same for 22:24, 25:79, 81:109, 111:442, 444:65535
> with this setup i have problems with ftp, i can't get a "complete"
> connect
> to several servers, not all, mostly the connect freeze by "entering
> passive
> mode", than timeout...
> if i open the ports over 50000 than the connect works ok, the rest of
> services such as http/s , pop3, smtp... works fine.
> do you know this problem ?
> thanks for your help
> daniel

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