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virtual proxy in firewall

- i have one visible ip and 4 server in internal networks.
- every server have one ssh server that listen on port 22.
- on visible ip i installed debian + regular firewal + dns + apache for
virtual proxy that forward to internal server.

1- how to make ssh service like virtual proxy in apache.  ?
  example: when someone use ssh server1.mydomain.com will forward to
internal server ( in same port (22)
            then someone use ssh server2.mydomain.com will forward to
internal server ( in same port (22) and etc.
   now i use port forwarding ( server1.mydomain.com:22 forward to,server1.mydomain.com:22 forward to
2. there is any rules in iptables to filter by domain name not ip address ?

any suggestion/explanation/link etc will be appreciated
thanks for everythings and sorry for my english :)


Ronnie Muhadi
Laboratorium Arsitektur dan Jaringan Komputer
FTIF-T. Informatika ITS 10 Nopember Surabaya
YM : ronnie_grezik
resume : http://ronnie.inf.its-sby.edu

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