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Re: pppoe speed problem


On 21 Mar 2004 10:34:18 -0300 Hector Scaramelli <pwrpnt@wpowerpoint.com>
> I am doing nat with a i486/16MB behind a 256/64Kb adsl dynamic ip. I
> cannot seem to be able to download at more than 10Kb/s. However the
> same box was giving me 26KB/s when I had a router between the adsl
> modem and the i486's eth0. That router provided a static ip.

I guess your box is saturated? Check with uptime / vmstat / top). My
386/40 maxed out at ~400kbit/s - whereas the "new" FW box (P/90) does
the ~800kbit/s without trouble. The Fli4L router projects recommends at
least a 486DX2-66 for the standard German DSL hookups (kbit/s: 768down,

So simply check your ressource usage.


Volker Tanger
ITK Security

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