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Re: fwanalog

Anthony Letchet wrote:

 /Just noticed your email, did you ever fix this ? if so , how /
// /Regards/ // /Anthony/

    * /To/: debian-firewall@lists.debian.org
    * /Subject/: fwanalog does not mail reports
    * /From/: Dominique Fortier <Dominique@Contre.COM
    * /Date/: 22 Mar 2003 09:52:19 -0500
    * /Old-return-path/: <Dominique@Contre.COM>
    * /Organization/:
    * /Reply-to/: dfortier@dominique.mtl.istop.com


Hello list.

Is this the right list for this !?

I configured fwanalog to report to user root for which mail is then forwarded to me. I receive no log although the report gets properly
created in /var/log/fwanalog.

I ran the script by hand. same thing, report gets created but not sent. I then ran "strace /usr/sbin/fwanalog". Sorry, no bonus ! I saw
nothing related to sending emails !

I looked at the content of "/usr/sbin/fwanalog", nothing again.  No
"send_report" or something like that !

I pasted the content of "/etc/cron.d/fwanalog" into "/etc/crontab" just
to be sure it was not related to anything with za "cron.d" folder. Nothing, no mail at all, even by removing "&>/dev/null" at the end of
the entry.

TIA and, Have a peaceful week-end, if you can.fwanalog
Hi everyone,

Sorry to admit that I never fixed it !!!

I might have another look at it today or tomorow.

Dominique Fortier

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