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tcp_ecn: Retry on TCP are never with ecn off?

I once again found my self with ECN enabeled.  This causes AYMK about 1/3 of the internet to be
not reachable.  I would have hoped by now that detection would have made it into the stock kernel.

I would like to use iptables to force this featur.  How I think it should work is...
After the third SYN+ECN we make the next 3 SYN-ECN, then back to SYN+ECN if we have not connected.
 Also if we do get some kind of reply fron the first SYN we could try to send pairs of both(4
packets total for the next 2 tryies).

I think I can do something like a rate limit on SYN packets in the mangle table.  Dose any one
know how I might get this working or have an example?

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