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Re: cleaning up my firewall script...

IIRC you can pass logs to any facility and level, even making up your own.  Then you add something
# in /etc/syslog.conf
myfacility.*      /var/log/netjunk.log

--- Bjoern Schmidt <bj-schmidt@uni-paderborn.de> wrote:
> Mike Mestnik wrote:
> > That's surprising...
> > It could be pkts from a non IP interface(maby your loopback?) or from a non IP protocol?  Even
> so
> > they should have been caught by your blank rule.  This would seam like a problem, one that
> could
> > be explotable.  See if you can catch the pkts in question with tcpdump or the like, that might
> be
> > helpfull.
> > 
> Is there any netfilter target which redirects packets into one or more
> files? An existing FILELOGGER target would be great:
> iptables -P INPUT -j FILELOGGER --d-folder /slippedpackets/
> Then i could change the chain policy to save these packets in an easier
> way than using tcpdump...
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> Greetings
> Bjoern Schmidt
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