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Re: What easy firewall front end for woody/bonzai?

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, lists1@pilosoft.net wrote:
> I have a woody bonzai install I could use a bit of advice on.


> I'm on another list where others have offered to help me with the rule
> set to get my setup running. But I'm trying to do this myself, or at
> least get started. I'm finding the documentation on iptables and rule
> sets extremely difficult to understand. I've looked at some examples,
> and at several pages that automate rule set configuration, but
> obviously my setup isn't one of the options. I also don't know what to
> do with the rule set(s).
> Is there a front end to woody that I can use that will help me out in
> this situation? 

I would suggest the 'firehol' package, which has very few dependencies
and should be trivial to get running on your system.

Packages for testing and unstable do exist, or you can grab the original
from <http://firehol.sf.net/>


> The front end may answer this question for me, but what do I do with
> the rule set once I have it? Put it in directory related to iptables? 
> Run it from the command line?

This will depend on your situation. Fundamentally, you need to put it
somewhere to run during boot, or when your IP address changed, depending
on the exact requirements and stability of your network.

Usually, a script it /etc/init.d/, based on /etc/init.d/skeleton, would
be the way to do this.  Firehol, and many other tools, provide this
script for you, and store their configuration in an application specific


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