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Re: [iptables] rules between subnets

Michelle Konzack wrote:
I have following Interfaces:

ppp0                    ADSL        wanadoo.fr
eth0    publicnet   Web-Server, access-server, DNS, ...
eth1   privatenet  Meine WS's, sql-Server, file-server
eth2   securenet   The Office of my old Emploier... :-)
eth3  192.168.1./112/27 cybernet    My CyberCenter
eth4  wavenet     My Lucent ORINOCO COR 1100


Now I like to do following:

DENY anything in all Directions on the Router (!!!) and allow ACCEPT only:

ppp0	-->	eth0      eth3 eth4
eth*	-->	ppp0
eth0	-->	               eth4
eth1	-->	eth0 eth2 eth3 eth4
eth2	-->	eth0      eth3 eth4
eth3	-->	eth0           eth4
eth4	-->	eth0      eth3


iptables is the proper tool for restricting the traffic between your interfaces, but the actual *routing* of the traffic is best done via iproute2.

There's a fabulous HOWTO at:

Pay special attention to chapters 3 and 4.

A word of caution, though: you're going to have some pretty hairy scripts no matter what you do - what you need to do is pretty complicated. The network I maintained had two external interfaces (dual T1's and a DSL), two internal interfaces (DMZ and private), and a class-C worth of virtual ports; the firewall script was about 150-200 lines, but my specific routing requirements ("ip route show") were much less specific than yours. (Private -> DSL; DMZ -> T1's; iptable rules to route external traffic to the correct servers. That's all.)


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