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How to drop all INCOMING requests and syslog it ?


Because I am not iptables-GURU (but like to be ;-) ) 
I do not know how much my ADSL-Router is open... :-/

Q 1:	How can I block ALL INCOMING requests exept 
	http, which must redirected to

Q 2:	How can I log all incoming requests ?
	specialy 445, 135, 137, 1434, telnet, smtp, 
	emule, kazza, ...

Q 3:	Is ther a way in iptables to log the Stuff 
	to another File as syslog ? 
	e.g. /var/log/ipt_reject

	I was using LEAF-Behreing and in the weblet 
	I have had nice statistics, how much time a 
	port was tried... and from where


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