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[OT] USB-Card for ISA (was: Re: iptables, ipmasquerade, firewall and webadministration)

Well you could always try E-Bay or you're local Computer Sunday Market as they have things like this but I'll be honest I've never seen a ISA USB card but then again I've never looked for on so I don't know. But those are the best places to start looking.
Cheers and best of Luck

OK, I have installed webmin with the iptables module and it works,
but now I have a problem... The used Computer is Overkill for the
Router !

Curently I am using a Duron 1600 because my Standard-Router is a
Am5x86/133 and has no USB-Interface

Because my Thomson SpeedTouch 330 USB is now working very fine with
my selfcompiled speedtouch-Backport from SID I have no need for a

Now the OT-Question:

Does anyone know, where I can get a USB 1.1 Card for ISA ?
I know, that they exist, but where and do they work with Linux ?

Oh yes, my Am5x86/133 has four 3c905B, one 3c515TX and one 3c509B.
The Last one is hat I like to change to the USB-Card.

Note: I was searching (international) on <http://www.ebay.de/>
but without luck.


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