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Re: Need help blocking all ports except a few

On Fri, Dec 26, 2003 at 11:02:36AM -0600, Eric MacAdie wrote:
> Patrick Lesslie wrote:
> >You can stop inetd altogether, and lpd, portmap and dhclient - in fact
> >most of these things by experimentally removing links from /etc/rc2.d/
> >and possibly also from /etc/rcS.d/
> Could you also stop services by simply changing the permissions of the 
> scripts in /ett/init.d/ ?

Typically the links are modified instead because then you can still
do "/etc/init.d/some_service start" when you do want it.  But yes,
you could do that.  If you're going to change them like that though,
might be best to remove the packages.

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