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Re: Need help blocking all ports except a few

Hi Sommarnatt.

I would highly suggest IPtables for your server and update to the latest
stable kernel. (2.4.23 on woody - since i hav't seen to many tests of 2.6 on

What i cant understand is, what game is using all these ports?

Best Regards
Andreas Kruger

> Hi!
> I'm new to iptables/chains and need help setting up my new Debian system.
> The system is going to be a gameserver and I've never set that up before.
> The only services that really need to be open are ssh2 and the game
> The game server needs these ports opened:
> 5120-5300 (UDP only)
> 6667, 80,27900,28900,29900.29901,13139 and 6500
> Any takers? Or some pointers? Tried Firehol, but it complains that it
needs a
> kernel higher than 2.3
> Kind Regards,
> Sommarnatt

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