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Fwd: Re: my dear

I'm sending this on to debian-user list because i think it's more appropriate for that list.

> I don't think there is a program available that can do something
> like that. It's solely up to the ISP to give you a static IP. I
> don't know how net2phone works, however i do use VOIP which i
> assume is similar. I doubt that it will work very well on a 56k
> connection.
> The only way that i can think that would work in this case (if you
> needed something permanent) would be to signup for a free account
> at www.myserver.org and it will give you free DNS forwarding
> (yourname@myserver.org).
> If the proxy is not in your possession however this effort will be
> futile. Do you actually have to use a proxy? What operating system
> are you using (are you using linux or windows or UNIX)? I don't
> think there's really anything anyone can do in this case. You might
> be able to download an instant messaging program for X that has the
> capabilities of webcam and voice but that's as far as i would be
> able to take you.
>> hi the first thing i will thank u about ur reply  ok my friend i
>> hopt to understand me i told u iam in syria i use  modem 56/kbt
>> we have no cable and no isdn and no dsl  nothing at  all just
>> dail up so we have proxy and we have no real ip so i nedd  to use
>> net2phone but i cant becouz i have no real ip r u understand  me
>> i need some program to gave me real ip on my line okay my dear  
>> iam waiting ur help

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