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Re: AW: Firewall Planning

Chavez, Bruce wrote:

 >If you want to go even further you can create a VPN over your wireless
 >network to ecrypt data.

do you have as documentation or a link to this ???

Check the freeswan project at  http://www.freeswan.org

There are debian packages for freeswan in woody, and work great, a kernel patch is needed for 2.4.x. In 2.6.x ipsec support is built-in and you don't need freeswan, but last time I checked, there was not much documentation on ipsec over linux 2.6.

Ipsec in the windows world is a bit harder to get working, but is possible, the easier way I hear is with pptp, which linux supports, although it is regarded as a worse solution, security-wise.

There was info on how to get a win2k box talk ipsec here: http://jixen.tripod.com/win2k-screen.html but it appears it's no longer there, I made a copy of the site, which included screenshots and a straightforward description of the trick, if you need it, I can put it somewhere for download.

have fun


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